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While brushing twice a day and flossing are essential to oral health, professional treatments are the most effective way to catch and reverse the progression of oral disease before it becomes more serious and painful. Here’s what you can expect during your routine dental appointment at our Baton Rouge, LA, family dental office

What is a Dental Exam?

Dental exams consist of routine oral health checkups and professional cleanings. They’re a necessary part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums and critical to achieving optimal dental health while reversing the early signs of tooth and gum disease.

Routine exams can also save you on health care costs, where preventative dental care is always preferable to the alternative. If you’re looking for the most effective way to prevent or treat cavities, gingivitis, or other dental problems, consider booking a dental exam with O’Shee Family Dentistry.

What are the Benefits of Routine Dental Checkups?

Even the most diligent home tooth care regimen can’t prevent tooth decay and gum disease on its own. It’s usually impossible to thoroughly and efficiently remove plaque and tartar with home dental care tools and products alone.

Routine dental checkups will ensure your oral health care regimen is based on solid, healthy foundations and reveal particular places you may need to concentrate your cleaning efforts on.

What Happens at a Dental Exam?

Dental exams typically last 15-30 minutes and include:

  • X-Rays — A series of brief, expertly taken X-rays will help your dentist detect tooth loss and signs of infection. A dental X-ray can also give an accurate view of tooth density and potential issues under the gum line.  Our newest technology uses 80% less radiation than older methods to keep you healthy without risking undetected infection.
  • Examination — This is a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums using specialized tools to check for cavities, plaque buildup, and signs of gum disease. 
  • Oral Cancer Screening — Taking a preventative care approach, the most in-depth exams will also look for signs of cancer. Your dentist will want to learn about any potential risk factors you might have, such as tobacco usage, family history, and so on.
  • Treatment Recommendations — Depending on your exam results, recommendations can extend from restorative dental treatment to changes to your oral hygiene routine to keep your smile healthy. 

How Often Should You Get a Teeth Examination?

The old six-month rule of thumb is sage advice. Some patients may be advised to return in as little as three months if they have gum disease or other risk factors. Often, the difference between thorough preventative care and irreversible tooth damage amounts to a small amount of heightened vigilance when it counts most.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam in Baton Rouge, LA

Regular dental exams are crucial to ensure your dental health is the best it can be. Routine dental care is the best way to ensure you enjoy many long years of pain-free oral health and a bright, shining smile.

At our dental practice, we hold to a philosophy based on compassion and understanding, providing exceptional service while using only the best possible dental materials. For the highest-quality dental services in the Baton Rouge area, contact O’Shee Family Dentistry, and schedule an appointment today.